How Much Should A Beginner Life Coach Charge?

How Much Should A Beginner Life Coach Charge

Setting your coaching fees as a beginner life coach can be challenging, as you want to attract clients while also valuing your time and expertise.

Here are some considerations to help you determine your fees…

  1. Market Rates – Research the typical rates charged by life coaches in your area or niche. This can give you a benchmark to start from.
  2. Experience and Training – Consider your level of experience and training. As a beginner, you may want to set your fees slightly lower than more experienced coaches to reflect your level of expertise.
  3. Value Proposition – Think about the value you provide to clients. If you offer a unique approach or specialize in a niche area, you may be able to justify higher fees.
  4. Client Budget – Consider the budget of your target clients. If you’re just starting out, you may want to offer introductory rates or discounts to attract clients who are willing to take a chance on a new coach.
  5. Services Offered – Determine what services you will offer and how they will be priced. Some coaches offer packages or discounted rates for multiple sessions, while others charge a flat fee per session.
  6. Cost of Doing Business – Factor in the costs associated with running your coaching practice, such as marketing, insurance, and professional development, when setting your fees.

A common range for beginner life coaches is $50 to $150 per session, but this can vary widely depending on your location, niche, and other factors. It’s okay to start on the lower end of the scale and adjust your fees as you gain experience and confidence in your coaching abilities.