All successful people know they need a coach

Senior leaders in these companies are some of those that Creed has helped.

Why Does Creed Coach?

Creed is a coach because everyone wants to lead a more fulfilling life. Creed helps people achieve their dreams, and find purpose and joy. He believes everyone deserves to live a life unhindered from their past.

We all have roadblocks that impede our growth. The key is to discover them and provide a methodology to overcome them. We communicate without verbalizing these biases and behaviors, and many times are completely unaware of how this behavior effects others. With years of training and coaching, and decades of life experience Creed can help you find the clarity you are seeking.

What Can Creed Do For You?

Creed’s clients tell him they are happier, more productive and have greater self-awareness. Their business is better, their relationships are stronger and their time is more productive. In short, Creed is a conduit to help people find their passion again!

Who Is Creed?

Creed’s vision for his life is to help people discover the things they most desire in their life. Creed loves helping others achieve some worthwhile purpose.

Creed is a self-motivated lifelong learner and a strong leader who helps individuals and teams discover how they can have their greatest impact in life or the marketplace. He helps identify vision and mission through revealing passions and core values. He is also gifted at identifying areas where people and organizations are stuck, and setting action to overcome these obstacles.

In short, Creed identifies the driving forces and restraining forces that are at work in your life and your business.

The metaphor that best describes this is a car accelerator and brake. The accelerator is the driving force (vision / mission / values / strategy) and the obstacle to movement is the brake. The first step to get the car rolling is you simply take your foot off the brake. You go fast when you have a properly tuned engine and know your destination.

Lastly, Creed is a Professional Certified Coach credentialed through the International Coach Federation and has successfully coached hundreds of people.