Great Coach and Great Friend!

James Parker

President, Food Artists Group

“Great coach and great friend! Creed helps me to focus my thoughts which give me the courage to make decisions confidently. I would highly recommend his services.”

Energized and Focused

Matt Diener

Chief Operating Officer

“Every time I meet with Creed, I come away energized and focused! Creed does an excellent job of asking thought-provoking questions in order to determine what’s holding me back, and then offers resources to help me strategize and make the best decision possible to move forward in the right direction. I highly recommend Creed’s coaching for anyone looking for more confidence and purpose in their professional or personal life!”

Helped Me Realize Key Areas of Growth

Wayne Lewandowski

Federal Data Protection Sales Management

“As a sales leader, I came to Creed to help optimize, and enable me to better understand my actions and behaviors. Just as importantly, the positive, and negative impact of how I responded and handled various situations with my team. I believe the coaching techniques that Creed introduced, help me realize key areas of growth as a business leader, and create a measurable impact in my role in the organization!”

Coach-mentored by Creed

Heather Witherspoon

Life & Leadership Coach

“I personally have had the privilege of being coach-mentored by Creed. He has been exceptionally open and vulnerable in sharing his life experiences, giving me the opportunity to grow and develop organically as a coach. He has been a fantastic mentor, generously sharing his expertise and insight for my benefit. Whether coached or mentored, all those who share in his gift are better for it.”

Improved My Effectiveness

Tom Pounder

Social Media Director

“Creed helped me discover the way to juggle all that I do. He didn’t tell me the answers (although I wanted him to) but he walked me through the process of helping me get organized and improved my effectiveness in my professional and personal world.”

Helped Me Address Problems in My Life

Riley Shane


“As a musician, I have been amazed at how much Creed has been able to help me process things in my life. In the business and craziness of life, Creed has asked me questions in such a way that I have been able to address problems in my life that I could not do on my own.”

Changed the Way I Make Decisions

Joel Pazmino

Church Planter

“Creed’s coaching was crucial during my transition from being on staff at an established church into church planting. He always knows the right questions to ask in order to help me process whatever issue it is I am dealing with. My coaching sessions with Creed have changed positively the way I process the different situations I face as a leader and the way I make decisions.”

Clarity in My Decision Making

Brennan Loveless

Creative Arts Director

“Because of Creed’s coaching, I have seen clarity in my decision making, greater self-awareness in my perceptions and handling of problems and their solutions, and how to be a better leader to those who I am entrusted to lead. I would highly recommend coaching from Creed!”

A Shift in Thinking About Myself

Jate Earhart

Motion Graphic Artist

“I knew where I wanted to be, but not how to get there. I’m only three sessions in with Creed, and I’ve already begun to notice a shift in thinking about myself, and the situation in front of me”

Important Source of Encouragement

Adam Nadeau
“After meeting with Creed, I’ve been able to pinpoint specific beliefs and practices that work as sabotaging agents to my life and work. Instead of having a jaded or disillusioned outlook on my circumstances, I’ve worked to realistically and specifically understand and embrace aspects of my talents, abilities, motivations that I had previously labeled as useless or unnecessary. In the coaching process, I’ve started to turn abstract, out-of-focus ideas about my calling and passions into real-life expectations and goals. As I work toward turning the subjective thoughts about myself into objective goals, meeting with Creed has become an important source of encouragement.”

Better Understanding of Myself

Daniel Li

Software Engineer

“Creed has helped me get a better understanding of myself, my passions, and my goals. He has helped me become a better leader by coaching me on how to engage and handle conflicts I’ve had with those I lead.”

Helped Determine the Roadblocks in My Life

Matt Blanck

Systems Engineer

“I am amazed at how strategic Creed’s coaching was in helping me find and answer the key questions necessary to determine and remove the large roadblocks in my life. Our time together quickly helped me determine what was keeping me from pursuing my calling and allowed me to further accept the adventures God has been leading me towards.”

A Growing Leader Because of His Coaching

Stan Rodda


“I am very appreciative for my time with Creed. He was able to help me walk through many different leadership situations, becoming more aware of potential pitfalls and coaching me how to lead through them well. I am a growing leader because of his coaching.”

Stepping Towards a Healthier Rhythm of Life

Rodrigo Bender

Church Planter

“As a church planter trying to juggle various roles in life, I knew I had to become a more organized and disciplined man, but I wasn’t sure where to begin. With Creed’s coaching and friendship, I have been able to take steps towards a healthier rhythm of life and am now becoming a better leader for my family, church, and community. I highly recommend Creed as a personal coach.”

More Productive at Work

Josh Dew

Church Planter

“Creed has been able to help me specify a direction and helped me focus on the task at hand. His help has allowed me to be more productive at work and accomplish more tasks with fewer distractions.”

Developed the Roadmap for My Success

Chad Booher

Director of Operations, The nZone

“After only a few sessions, Creed helped me develop my winning formula giving me an intentional roadmap for success.”

Helped Me Hone In On My Goals


Department of Defense

“Before talking to Creed, I felt like my life was stuck in neutral and I was not sure where I was going and what I really wanted to do. I had a successful job and had achieved a lot in my life, but it felt like I wasn’t really fulfilling my purpose. Through a series of carefully planned questions and recommended books, Creed helped me hone in on my goals and provided me a method to be competent while doing it.”