How Can a Life Coach Help Me?

How Can a Life Coach Help Me?

It depends. What do you need? Why this answer? Because any coach worth his salt is going to design a program around the needs of the client. The better question then should be:

Will A Life Coach Help Me?

Even this question requires greater clarity. However, the way the question is asked isn’t the point you say. You’re right.

The benefits of hiring a coach can be best addressed by the governing body of the most qualified coaches in the world, the International Coach Federation (ICF). According to the ICF, 96% of all people who hired a coach said they would repeat the process. How many vocations can make that claim?

So how can a coach help you?

Increased Productivity

  • o  Enhanced work performance
  • o  Improved business management
  • o  Better time management
  • o  Improved team effectiveness

Improved Outlook on Life

  • o  Increased self-confidence
  • o  Improved relationships
  • o  Enhanced communications
  • o  Better life/work balance

Return on Investment From Hiring A Life Coach

o  The vast majority of companies (86%) say they at least made their investment back

Customer Satisfaction 99% From Hiring A Life Coach

o  Companies and individuals who hired a coach are somewhat or very satisfied with hiring a coach

How Can Life Coaching Benefit Me

Life coaching begins with alignment of action and desire. Still asking, How can a life coach help me? The happiest workers are the ones where natural ability and passion intersect. This is true with you as well. Consequently, if you lead other people you know there are skills that are applied to generate best results. These same skills can be applied to self. Coercive leaders fail quickly. The same is true when you try to force yourself to take action. The same could be said of incentives. Rewards fail when there isn’t an sufficient incentive. Combining coercion and incentives doesn’t work long term either. The things that work long term are:

These 8 Principles

1.  Collaboration: With the individual, find the intersection of values and natural ability. In teams, include as many stakeholders in every decision as possible

2.  Alignment: Actions are aligned with values, vision, mission and strategy

3.  Shared Responsibility: Every person is functioning in their sweet spot and knows how their contribution affects the overall mission

4.  High Communication: Individuals are all well informed. In teams trust is built through open dialogue

5.  Intentionality: Focus is on the future vision/mission and the task at hand leads to the future

6.  High sense of urgency: See the problem..Fix the problem quickly

7.  Recognize and apply creative talents: Heavy on what and light on how. Everyone functions best when they can be creative in applying solutions

8.  Accountability: Everyone grows when they know they have to report on results

Workshop On Team Building

These 8 principles are available in workshop form.

We all lead someone. Yourself. Your family. A group of people in your workplace. As an executive coach I help people become better leaders. As a life coach I help people do the same thing. I approach both applying the previous 8 principles and more.

Although the best answer to the opening question is a life coach helps you solve the problem that is keeping you stuck. A good life coach helps you understand that and co-creates a plan for improvement. These plans work well when there is sufficient motivation. For more on this.