What Does A Life Coaching Session Look Like?

What Does A Life Coaching Session Look Like

A life coaching session can vary depending on the coach’s style, the client’s needs, and the coaching format (in-person, phone, video, etc.).

Some common elements are typically included in a life coaching session…

  1. Setting the Agenda – The coach and client begin by discussing the client’s goals and what they would like to focus on during the session. This helps set the direction for the session and ensures that it is aligned with the client’s needs.
  2. Exploration and Discovery – The coach uses powerful questioning techniques to help the client explore their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. This process helps the client gain insight into their situation and identify any obstacles or challenges they may be facing.
  3. Goal Setting – Based on the client’s agenda and exploration, the coach helps the client set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals. These goals serve as the foundation for the coaching process and provide direction for the client’s actions.
  4. Action Planning – The coach and client work together to develop a plan of action to help the client achieve their goals. This may involve identifying steps, strategies, and resources to support the client’s progress.
  5. Accountability – The coach holds the client accountable for taking action towards their goals. This may involve setting deadlines, tracking progress, and reviewing actions taken since the last session.
  6. Reflection and Feedback – At the end of the session, the coach and client reflect on the session and discuss any insights or learnings. The coach may also provide feedback and encouragement to support the client’s ongoing growth and development.
  7. Homework or Assignments – The coach may assign homework or tasks for the client to complete between sessions. These assignments are designed to help the client continue their progress and apply insights gained during the session.

Overall, a life coaching session is a collaborative and dynamic process focused on helping the client achieve their goals, gain clarity, and make positive changes in their life. The coach provides support, guidance, and accountability to help the client move forward and create the life they desire.