Envy: find it difficult when others succeed when you do not?

Envy – unhappy when others do well.

Do you find it difficult when others succeed when you do not? Are you envious of others’ happiness or contentment. Do you cringe when you see someone who seems to have everything in life under control?

Scarcity Mentality

As with previous posts I think we can all relate to this now or at some point in life. I first read about this in Stephen Covey’s, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and he called this activity by another name – “scarcity mentality.” This is to say that there is not enough good to go around in the world. If you get something good then I’m not going get my fair share. This idea deals with the short term and is full of negative emotion. The opposite of this notion is abundance mentality, which is to mean there is plenty of good to go around. The result: if you get something good I can be very happy for you. Where does all of this come from?

Abundance Mentality

People with an abundance mentality are thankful for life and all the things life has brought them even through the difficult times. In fact, I would argue that without difficulty it is hard to find an abundance mentality. They know how they feel and why. They can express these feelings while considering the effect on others. They manage the stress in their lives. They have strong friendships and interact well with other people. They are optimistic, make good decisions and have empathy for people who are less fortunate.

How do I know all of this? Because I have been on both sides of this continuum. If you are honest with yourself, you have too!

There are tools that help you see negative behaviors in your life. Probably the best thing to understand is your emotional intelligence! When will you take action to change your circumstances?

About the author: Creed is an accomplished leader and Professional Certified Coach motivated by a passionate drive to help individuals and organizations reclaim their clarity for personal achievement and organizational effectiveness.