What Does A Coaching Package Look Like?

What Does A Coaching Package Look Like

A coaching package typically includes a set number of coaching sessions or hours, along with additional components that support the coaching process.

Here’s what a coaching package might look like…

  1. Number of Sessions – A coaching package may include a specific number of coaching sessions, such as six sessions over a three-month period. The number of sessions is often based on the client’s goals and the coach’s recommendation for achieving them.
  2. Session Length – Each coaching session is typically 60 to 90 minutes long, although this can vary depending on the coach’s preferences and the client’s needs.
  3. Goal Setting – The coach and client work together to set clear, achievable goals for the coaching relationship. These goals serve as a roadmap for the coaching process.
  4. Action Planning – Based on the client’s goals, the coach helps the client create a plan of action with specific steps to achieve those goals. The action plan is revisited and adjusted as needed throughout the coaching process.
  5. Support Between Sessions – Some coaching packages include support between sessions, such as email or messaging support. This can help clients stay on track and address any challenges or questions that arise between sessions.
  6. Resources – Coaches may provide additional resources to support the coaching process, such as worksheets, assessments, or reading materials.
  7. Accountability – The coach holds the client accountable for taking action towards their goals and provides support and encouragement along the way.
  8. Progress Review – At the end of the coaching package, the coach and client review the progress made towards the client’s goals and discuss any further steps that may be needed.

Overall, a coaching package is designed to provide a structured and comprehensive approach to achieving the client’s goals, with the coach serving as a guide and support throughout the process.