How Many Companies Use Executive Coaching?

How Many Companies Use Executive Coaching

The use of executive coaching has been growing steadily in recent years, as more companies recognize the value of coaching for developing their leaders and driving organizational performance.

Several studies and surveys provide insights into the prevalence of executive coaching in organizations…

  1. International Coach Federation (ICF) Global Coaching Study (2020) – According to the ICF study, 90% of organizations with at least 1,000 employees reported using coaching, and 44% of organizations with fewer than 100 employees reported using coaching.
  2. Harvard Business Review (HBR) Survey (2016) – A survey by HBR found that 48% of organizations reported using coaching to develop their high-potential employees, and 26% reported using coaching for their midlevel managers and executives.
  3. American Management Association (AMA) Survey (2015) – The AMA survey found that 35% of organizations use executive coaching as a leadership development tool.
  4. Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey (2011) – According to the Sherpa survey, 85% of organizations that use coaching report they are satisfied with the coaching outcomes, and 96% plan to continue using coaching in the future.

Overall, these studies suggest that a significant number of organizations, ranging from small businesses to large corporations, use executive coaching as a strategic tool for developing their leaders and improving organizational performance. As the benefits of coaching become more widely recognized, it is likely that the use of executive coaching will continue to grow.