Ministry Coaching

Principles Are Timeless. Culture Defines Methodology.

How will you transform your church to the vision that God has given you?

Change occurs either in adaptive or operational forms. Adaptive means new methods. Operational refers to old methods. The question is, what is appropriate for your situation? More change equals more need for people to be involved at many levels or you risk turnover.

Proximity Solutions

In church, money is used to get people. But there is never enough! In business people are used to get money. And, successful businesses produce profits. Is there a way to do both? How do you operate a business that pays the rent for the church and provides reserves to do more ministry?

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Unity in the Church

“Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.” Matthew 12.25b

Every church staff member has unique gifts and talents but these can lead to conflict. Learn how to celebrate differences and use these differences to grow unity among staff and your volunteer organization.

One day on-site with senior minister and church staff, which includes a 3-4 hour session with all staff. The subject matter could be one of my workshops or designed specific to your context.



The caterpillar is transformed into a butterfly by taking an inward journey of renewal. From the outside of the cocoon there seems to be no change. This renewal occurs without much work from the butterfly until it emerges from its shell. Without this inward journey there is no breakthrough. The butterfly becomes something very beautiful because it lives out its identity. What is your identity? Learn how to know it and live it out!