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Five Signs You Need A Business Coach / Executive Mentor​

  1. You see no clear path forward or minimally the path forward is fuzzy
  2. You’re overwhelmed or your organization needs a re-structure
  3. You need accountability because you’re the boss
  4. You want to develop new skills
  5. You’re stuck*
Sure this * Forbes Article says a lot. But what is missing is your need to develop self-awareness, make the best choices and trust in your ability to make the right decisions. Most leaders don’t want to work with a coach who simply understands management theory. They want someone who does understand theory and who has experience applying ideas to real solid results. Creed has been there and done it! He has decades of experience and thousands of hours coaching. Take a look at his resume here.

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  • Do you lead a team with some dysfunction and want help moving the group to a healthier place?
  • Has your leadership grown stale or have your results plateaued?
  • Are you new to leading a team and want to develop a strategy to propel your group forward?
  • Do you have a problem gaining consensus with your team?
  • Are you having trouble establishing unity within a team comprised of multiple tribes?
  • Do you have a team member who wants to steer your team in a direction that is inconsistent with your vision?
  • Do you have a prima donna on your team?
  • Have you been charged with taking over an underperforming team and want to know where to start?
  • After leading the same group of people for a time, do your new ideas fall flat?
  • Do you have people on your team whom you need to confront?

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Although Creed is located in the St. Louis, he has helped people from all over the world by…

Before & after life coaching story

“My life seemed very one dimensional. My marriage was suffering, my business was floundering and my relationships were stagnant. The first thing Creed did was help me take a good look at what was important in my life. He then helped me move from living in the “tyranny of the urgent” to better self management. In doing this Creed gave me a planning process and helped me understand that life should be directed at principles. I realize now that balance is an illusion; life is series of actions that cause me to focus on what is in front of me. He helped me realize that if I’m at work I should focus on my work and when I’m at home I should focus on my family. I am breaking the bad habit of wanting to be somewhere else but be intentional.”

What business & executive mentoring as all about

Benjamin Franklin said, “There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond and to know one’s self.” In business coaching, this is only the beginning. Business coaching gets people unstuck. It moves people through a problem. Business coaching creates vision and strategy and an understanding of roles, goals, priorities and action steps. It reduces stress and re-ignites passion

Get to the heart of the thing you are trying to overcome. This is done together in small bursts or in several longer sessions. The objective is meeting your needs

Before & after life & business coaching story

“My relationship with my wife was filled with arguments and stress, on top of that I had a major issue with my business growing too fast but not having the ability to say ‘no’ or ‘get what I deserved’ when it came time to value my services in a negotiation. I end up with time wasting clients who run me over on price and then drug out projects way longer than they should take… Creed taught me how to communicate with my wife to the degree that she did not over-react to the way I was talking, so the conversations remained civil enough for me to realize after finally being able to communicate with her, that she truly wasn’t the one for me, and it gave my the clarity to finally just get out. I revamped my pricing structure and Creed taught me how to value my services, which has allowed me to be less stressed and be firm about my pricing, helping me land bigger clients who have more appreciation for what I do. The cost of just 6 months of one-on-one life coaching and business mentoring sessions was well worth it. Creed is a wonderful mentor.”